Child with Balloons Running and Jumping, as if to Fly Away

When I created this image of a child running and jumping with a bunch of balloons, I wanted it to be very even soft light. The desert outside Palm Desert, CA at sunset was ideal. The sand in this area drifted out over the road, engulfing the power pole, and taking up most of the street to one side of the two lane road. Rylynn had to focus on several things as she jumped through the frame. 1. She had to keep her arm high so the balloons would stay up and not dive down as she ran and jumped through the frame. 2. She had to jump big at the appropriate mark, and make sure to extend her back leg out. 3. She had to keep her head held up looking upward, and allow her tongue to naturally come out of her mouth. 4. She had to allow her left arm and hand to do whatever they would naturally, not thinking too much about them. She did great. We shot around 150 shots of this jump. I ended up with about 5 that were all great, of which this one made the final.

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Here is a detail of her face that is hard to see in the overall image.