Living with Chronic Pain Image

This image was created for a book titled "Living Beyond the Pain" by author Gordon Selley. He has lived with continual chronic pain for many years. Despite this, he continues to walk on the treadmill to stay in shape. When he spoke to me about the cover, he told me his feet and legs burn all the time. I had an idea of shooting one shoe as burning match sticks in the shape of a shoe, and the other with an old work boot. I replaced the boot with the actual shoe he wears on the treadmill, and came up with the image you see here.

There are hundreds of holes drilled into the plex, and each match stick is real. After the matches were lit, they continued to burn for about a minute, allowing the flames to move around the shape, which is what you see on the image. It created a ton of smoke, but was worth it.

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