Conceptual Photographer Bryan Cole Photo, Inc.

Bryan Cole Photo, Inc. Bio

Thanks for visiting. As a photographer, I like things that are out of the ordinary. Sarcasm, irony, humor, the unexpected, these are all recurring themes in the conceptual work I create. I love to shoot vintage and antique items because they hold history, and they all have some sort of history. I also love creating portraits of people, focusing on their strengths as an individual.

I grew up and went to school in Southern California, lived in Colorado for many years, and now live and create in North Dallas, TX.

*** I can be reached at 719.640.2211. Email me at cole [ @ ] ***

Here are some fun facts:

favorite food:  definitely ice cream

languages other than English:  pretty good at Tagalog (Filipino), very little German

something you don't know about me:  electric guitar player for over 30 years

somewhat addicted to:  sugar

dislikes:  distracted drivers

one of many favorite moments:  mid-week snowboarding in knee deep powder at was epic!

educational accomplishments:  B.A Communications, Photo Emphasis - California State University, Fullerton

other accomplishments:  have owned a digital agency for over 19 years

passions:  creating great images that tell a story

good trait:  creative problem solver

famous quote I like:  An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision - James Whistler

what do I like about what I do:  I enjoy creating images that communicate a strong message or idea, and working with other creative people